Gym Tot Classes

Tiny Tot 18 mo. to 36 months. Parent tot class. Short dance warm up, use scaled down equipment for toddlers for gymnastics. 30 minutes, once weekly.

Tumble Tot 3-6 years. Child goes out on floor without parent. Uses preschool equipment. Learns warm up, and uses bars, beam, trampoline, and floor for gymnastics. 45 minutes, once weekly.

Super Tot 4-6 years old. By promotion. Has learned all Tumble Tot skills. Does music warm up, extends skills on equipment. 55 minutes, once weekly.

Progressive Classes

Girls/Boys Gymnastics Beginners 6-8 yrs old and 9-14 yrs old. This class is for any girl/boy that is new to gymnastics, or hasn't been in gymnastics for awhile. Boys are separate from the girls. 1 day weekly 55 minutes.

Advanced Beginners 6-8 yrs. old and 9-14 yrs. old. This class is for girls/boys that have completed the skills required in the beginners class and have been promoted. Again boys are separate from the girls. 1 day weekly. 55 minutes .

Intermediate - this class is by promotion only. It expands on skills learned in advanced girls. 1 day weekly, 55 minutes.

Flip Classes

Beginners - This class teaches beginning floor and trampoline work for tumbling and flipping.

Intermediate - This class is for students that have some experience in gymnastics or have taken and passed the beginners class of flip. This class expands on the skills taught in the beginners class.

Advanced - By promotion only. This class teaches advances skills in aerial moves, such as side aerials, front tucks, back tucks, back twisting, front twisting, etc.


This class is preteam and by invitation only. This is level 3 gymnastics and is 2 days weekly for 2 hours each day. Skills are learned to set for team after approximately 1 or 2 years.


Level 4 - 10 women's and men's gymnastics. This is by invitation only. Team competes in the winter season, approximately December through May. Work outs vary by level and are year around.