Pre Gym Classes

Tiny Tot          18 mo. to 36 months

Parent Tot class

A playful 30 minute movement education class designed for 18months to 3 year olds.  This is a parent/caregiver driven class.  It is designed to foster age appropriate motor skills through moving and exploring.  The obstacle courses and activities change every other week to offer new challenges and to maintain a constant level of fun.   
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Tumble Tot      3-6 years

A 45 minute class for 3 to 6 year olds, respectively, that are ready to stay with a group and follow a teacher's instructions.  Children are introduced to basic skills and coordination tasks on all the equipment and work on more complex skills as they are ready.  Lessons change every other week and are specifically designed for each different age group to meet physical, cognitive and social objectives. 
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Super Tot        4-6 years old


This is a transition class into our recreational or school age program.  This class runs 55 minutes in length so your child can be better prepared for the school aged classes.  In this class your child will be mastering their basic gymnastics skills, reviewing gross motor skills, listening skills and increasing their overall coordination. 
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Recreational Gymnastics

Beginning Gymnastics      6-8 yrs old and 9-14 yrs old

This class is for any girl/boy that is new to gymnastics or hasn't been in gymnastics for awhile. 
1 day weekly for 55 minutes.
Class Times

Advanced Beginning         6-8 yrs old and 9-14 yrs old

This class is for girls/boys that have completed the skills required in the beginners class and have been promoted. 
1 day weekly for 55 minutes
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Intermediate                      6-18 yrs old

This class is by promotion only. It expands on skills learned in advanced beginning.
1 day weekly for 55 minutes.
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Flip Classes

Beginners                  6-18 yrs old

This class teaches beginning floor and trampoline work for tumbling and flipping.
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Intermediate               6-18 yrs old 

This class is for students that have some experience in gymnastics or have taken and passed the beginners class of flip. This class expands on the skills taught in the beginners class.
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Advanced                    6-18 yrs old

By promotion only. This class teaches advances skills in aerial moves, such as side aerials, front tucks, back tucks, back twisting, front twisting, etc.
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Cheer Flip                   6-18 yrs old

This class teaches beginning floor and trampoline work with a focus on the cheer athlete.  Jumps and back handsprings are a main focus of this class. 
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This class is preteam and by invitation only. This is level 2 gymnastics and is 2 days weekly for 2 hours each day. Skills are learned to set for team after approximately 1 or 2 years.
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Competitive Team

Level 3 - 10 women's gymnastics. This is by invitation only. Team competes in the winter season, approximately December through May. Work outs vary by level and are year around.