Welcome to Gymnastics Plus!

Gymnastics! Gymnastics Plus exists to make a difference in the lives of the children we encounter. Our purpose is to develop, FUNdamentals for every child's future. Our underlying teaching philosophy that moves us towards that mission is... nothing is more important than a child's self-esteem.


Gymnastics Plus offers multiple student discounts.

1. There is a 10% discount on siblings for a second class. The discount is on the lessor classs and will continue as long as the students are both enrolled. This discount is offered to any sibling after the first is enrolled.

2. If a single student enrolls in a second class, there is also a 10% discount on the second class of lessor amount.

3. We also offer a 10% discount if you pay 3 months in advance. Both discounts cannot be used at the same time. Please ask at the front desk for more information.


Payment Policy: Billing is on the 10th of the month previous to the month attending. Money is due by the 20th and is past due after the 30th. This can put you at risk of being dropped from the class if we have not had payment or heard from the clients.

Make up policy: If you are currently enrolled in gymnastics, we will help you be placed in a like class for any missed classes within 30 days of the date you were absent. Only 1 makeup per missed day. If you cannot attend the makeup date and do not inform us, the alternative at this point is a kids castle pass.

Prorating Fees: If you do not join at the beginning of the 4 week session, we will prorate your fees for you. Our sessions always run in 4 week blocks and are easily divided into weekly prices for mid session joining.

Annual Registration: The month you join is your annual registration date. We charge $25.00 for the first child, due upon joining and due annually after the first year. The second child is $20.00 and due upon joining. This also is due every year following that you are enrolled. The total family fee is $45.00, and will not exceed this in a calendar year.